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Dr Abs Alnouri

Dr Abs Alnouri

Weight Loss Doctor

My name is Abs and I am excited to be joining  Alevia this month having moved to Melbourne from Wollongong.  I finished my GP training in Manchester / U.K before moving to Australia  in 2014 where I developed a special interest in obesity management and sports medicine. As a type 1 diabetic myself suffering from this condition now for over 25 years , I understand the challenges that accompany dealing with chronic problems and my aim is to work together with our patients to achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle after their weight loss journey. I am a very keen Crossfitter and go to the gym most days and would love to help all my patients to incorporate movement into their lives whilst addressing their diet issues. I am looking forward to assisting you to achieve weight loss and greater health.

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Dr Julie Chang

Weight Loss Doctor

Graduating from Melbourne University in 1998, Julie strives to provide medical care with integrity, compassion and wisdom. Having looked after many patients with chronic diseases, Julie is now focused on preventative health care through weight management.

She understands how hard it is to lose weight and to keep it off, which may seem like a never-ending cycle for many people.

She is dedicated to using the latest scientific evidence, in conjunction with a personalised approach, to help her patients achieve and maintain their goal weight.

In her spare time, Julie enjoys playing board games, especially Pictionary! Want to find out more? Check out Dr Julie Chang’s tips for eating mindfully.

Dr Andrea Ryan

Weight Loss Doctor

Dr Andrea Ryan graduated from University of Melbourne in 2009. She is an enthusiastic and dedicated doctor with a core focus on health promotion and disease prevention.

She is committed to the provision of compassionate, patient focused heath care and helps patients find the weight loss tools that suit their lifestyle and health concerns.

Dr Janelle Francis

Weight Loss Doctor

Dr Janelle Francis is an enthusiastic and experienced GP who graduated from Monash University in 1991 and obtained her Fellowship with Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 1998.

She has been a GP supervisor for the RACGP for many years. Janelle has a wealth of experience supporting patients who attend the Austin weight control clinic and is passionate about helping patients to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Dr Nicolette Scheepers

Weight Loss Doctor

Dr Nici Scheepers completed her medical training in South Africa in 1994 and has spent time in the UK and Canada before settling in Melbourne for the last 14 years.

She has more than 25 yrs of experience in various areas of medicine including General Practice, Psychiatry and palliative care.

She is excited by the fact that there are now a variety of effective weight loss treatments that are now available to help her patients.

She combines her expertise in this area of weight management with her deep understanding of the how difficult the weight loss journey can be, to help guide her patients to their best health.

Dr Jane Doyle

Weight Loss Doctor

Dr Jane Doyle studied medicine at Monash University and has worked in general practice in Melbourne for more than 20 years.

Jane enjoys supporting her patients to achieve their goals for longterm health and wellbeing. She strives to do this in a respectful, empathic and caring manner.

Jane appreciates that achieving and maintaining weight loss is a challenging journey that requires evidence based medical interventions combined with sustained lifestyle and behavioural change. She believes that together with the multidisciplinary team at Alevia she can provide close ongoing individual care and support to her patients.

Dr Catherine Bacus

Weight Loss Doctor

Dr Catherine Bacus is a passionate and dedicated doctor, who specialises in weight management, and is committed to bringing the best of medical research to assist her patients to help manage their weight long term.

She knows that weight loss can be challenging, and many of her patients are frustrated by failed dieting efforts – they just want something that will work, information that they can trust and practical strategies that they can sustain long term.

Catherine has spent time under the mentorship of Dr Sharon Marks and Prof Joe Proietto, leading obesity physicians, and her goal is to bring the most effective weight loss tools to patients to help them achieve their goals.

Catherine supports her patients through to their weight loss journey, with care and compassion.

Dr Louisa Hoey


Louisa is driven to help relieve the burden of disordered eating and poor body image in our society.

Disordered eating is a complex phenomenon because we cannot live without food. If someone sees a psychologist to quit smoking, while this is extremely difficult, ultimately the aim is to never smoke. With eating, you have to face food several times every day. This in itself, makes it a huge challenge for people.

Louisa has been working in the field of disordered eating for ten years. She aims to ensure sessions are targeted towards the individual, that they work towards breaking life-long cycles of emotional eating, poor body image and fear of food.

Jennifer Tsoutsoulis

Ms Jennifer Tsoutsoulis


Jennifer is passionate to assist her clients with health and wellbeing, assisting them to achieve their nutritional goals using evidence-based practise. Jennifer makes sure she helps her clients to improve their nutrition knowledge and skills to assist them to make changes which are sustainable.  Jennifer has experience working in private practice where she has worked with a range of chronic conditions with an extensive focus on surgical and non-surgical weight loss.

Jennifer is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Human Nutrition with a Major in Genetics and a Master of Dietetics from Latrobe University.

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